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The Miracle journey

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Duo - the way of living in flow.

2017, I Left, the life that I used to live.

“Since then, the journey of unknown begins ”

2016, I went to track in Himalaya, it was a spectacular trip, and I prayed in the trip while tracking...before we flight back to where I was belong-Taiwan, there's a strong voice repeated in my heart, "I am going to somewhere!"I was so excited, but know nothing about what it meant. (#vacation#dream)


After I went back to TW, my left brain start working more actively, because of the routine life, everything were so firmiliar and almost predictable, and yes, we called it "normal life",and I started to feel the anxiety of unknown. The heart voice was also too strong to avoid, so I asked to the unknown, "Where should I go ? " (#vacation #dream) Unexpected and expected , it answered.

In the way of seeing the flow, I am able to catch the signs that related to the future, like we are watching the movie, and the director always show us some clue for what gonna happens. It is similar with our life, but need to open the "eye" for receiving the thread.And I would like to train you how to do it, but first, let's continue the story of the magic journey, and I wish you will be part of the miracles.

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