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Awareness training

A practice that bring us back to here and now ,

Through our breath, the first gift of our life, we are able to enter into different phases of our life, from physical to mental, and into deeper layers, from where we van train  our life potential and find the healing source to balance us to be healthy and in joyful states.

息 xī  - The way to manage our life energy

律 lǜ  - The rhythm of the vibe in our life

心 xīn - The direction of our life path

氣 qì  - The life force to maintain our well-being

脈 mài  - The way to open up the channels inside of our body

點 diǎn  - the points to light up our life


The path with hiko

+ Recall our self-healing system in our body, learn to access healthy states in the body, connecting it with a mindful mind in a natural way. 

+ Get more freedom in our body and mind.

+ Relax the tension deeply in body and mind, balance our emotions, acting on the nerve system, make the ability to focus easier, and improve the quality of life into a real healthy life.


+ Optimize immunity, the endocrine system, our blood circulation in the whole body including the brains, and making our self-regulatory system more resilient.

+ Connecting with our inner peace and soul; enhance the ability to concentrate and learn, allow our heart to get more space to embrace inspiration and creation, to fulfil our potential, getting what we really want and dream.


+ Our vital life energy, or "chi," is thought to flow along these invisible pathways or channels that run through the body, and anything that disrupts the smooth flow of chi is said to cause illness. The Chinese term for meridian is "jing luo."

+ A Secret method from a Taiwanese-Chinese Medicine family to open up the channels inside of our body, allow the energy to be able to circulate fluently, creating physical and mental states.

+ 人法地,地法天,天法道,道法自然 -老子Tao-The tao is the infinite,common source; eternally present within you. No beginning, no end. The essence of wisdom. Just be.-Lao Tzu is the main philosopher of Tao.

Hiko teaches the Tao :

+ How we can live our life and work in flow

+ How to do the right action in the right timing, making great decisions.

+ Living as a whole human being,

instead  of a walking brain.

+ Connect to who we really are,

learning to live in the here and now again.

+ To see a World in a Grain of Sand,

And Heaven in a Wild Flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand,
And Eternity in an hour.
                                    - William Blake

+A art of how we can live here and now.

Adjust the way we are breathing, to do it correctly, to embrace much more life energy into our body, revitalising our nervous system and allowing the organs to work in a harmonious way .

+ Balance our Yin & Yang energy, and raising our resilience.

+ Better breathing is said to increase life expectancy 


All things contrived are like

 dream, illusion, bubble, shadow,
 And as dewdrop or lightning,
 They should be regarded as such.
        -Lord Buddha in The Diamond Sutra

+ Buddhist phiilosphy offers a vision of the connection from one being to the  whole

+ Learning to move away from lving from our ego system towards living and  working from an eco system perspective . 

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