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Voor een gezonde geest in een gezond lichaam 


Raise your life energy

Liberate your body, mind & soul.


A Journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.


- Lao Tzu 老子

What People Share About Working With Hiko


Judith Van Willigen

Business Improvement Manager of Knab Bank

Get yourself and your company in a good mental and physical state with Hiko!

At my company I noticed people were stressed, not feeling well and also having some physical discomfort or pain…like shoulders, back, neck, headaches etc.

We thought: let’s start with some exercise at work…and chose yoga.

Everyone can join, you don’t have to be an expert and it is easy to do at work.We could not have anticipated the impact Hiko made!


During 2 months of group sessions and individual sessions our bodies and minds felt so much better.

She is much more than a yoga teacher and really helped bringing stress levels down and also made us feel much better.

She is a lovely person, very skilled, tough when she needs to be and a perfect teacher on how to work and achieve your life goals in a balanced way.


Our experiment stopped after 2 months, but people miss her and want more sessions…so I hope she will be back soon in the Netherlands!

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DR. Hsu  

Professor of National Taiwan University

I was feeling pain in my back, in my shoulder and  everywhere in my body. My daughter was  worried about my health, so she introduced me to do yoga with Hiko. After a few years of learning and practicing, it helped me to release blockages inside of my body and my clothing size change from L to M, and even almost S. I feel much more comfortable and energetic everyday. Even more so, after I learned how to adjust myself better, I can also help my family to be healthier and feel better with some simple poses, that’s something I have never expected.


Rachel Cheng, Finance manager

Thanks you Hiko for teaching me a Breath technique that is really powerful and helpful. Not only for myself,  making me feel calm and peaceful after the practice, it also helps my family. Especially when my father was badly sick and in the hospital with extreme pain. After he asked more pain reducing medicines from the doctor to reduce the pain, still nothing really helped. I led my father in a new breath technique, like Hiko taught me, and suddenly he could be more relaxed, and rest in peace in the end. That was the most important thing I wanted in this process.

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